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Well done for ignoring the herd. As long as money is needed to be successful our to simply live as we are told to have it by those who already have it all and came up with the necessity for such a papered or electronic Fiat they hold all the power My husband and I have been to a couple of Tony events hunt the one in Vegas I was treated like shit as I'm in wheelchair they put me where I had to come in with large crowd than park me where people climbing over my head than we was supposed to be in groups they had no place for me expect me to climb the stairs so my husband park me somewhere else and ask for chair and three hour later he was still standing but group leader was sitting on there ass behind us so we left no refund.

People don't need more idols like Mr. Tony, they need the real deal - Jesus the Messiah! Shalom Y'all????? Hi all, I'm trying for days to cancel my 2, commitment to his mastermind classes. Even the phone number that I had to get from my credit card says that the mailbox is full. Does anyone know how I can proceed with this cancellation? His weird clap is called an anchor it is a NLP technique basically what he is doing is getting his brain to feel a certain emotion on command using a physical gesture. Robbins is not for everyone and that is ok everyone has their opinions and is entitled to have them and I think if we all respected that the world would be a much better place.

However, what I would suggest is to anyone reading this is when attending any event focus only on the positive highlights and experiences you got out of it rather than any negatives. By doing so this will shift your mood, thought process and what you focus on and allow you to experience life to its fullest. Remember where attention goes energy flows.

I think it is great that you left after one day - great decision! I went with a friend who really was interested in the event. I stayed for four days to support my friend and did not enjoy the event. What was good about the event: - Focusing on some areas of your life to improve on and sharing this with others but this could have been achieved in half a day without the hype - Mostly friendly participants - The location at Qudos Bank Arena - I enjoyed when it was over and I could return to my quiet husband who is not full of hype.

The massage thing was creepy as hell and I simply refused to do it. The herd mentality was also scary. I had enough on the morning of the second day when they put us in groups and insisted that we wear colored bandanas like campers and "make noise" to outdo the other groups. It was rumored that we were going to be tasked with coming up with ways to solve the issues with check-in at the seminar which, to be fair, WAS a shit show. I don't work for free, just saying. So I was OUT. Best decision I made in awhile. Well done to you! Sounds like my idea of a nightmare. Looking at his supercharged approach Too loud.

Too brash. Too over the top. Too much. Very interesting, the things you mentioned that he did. I was at a Demartini talk many years ago. He also kept asking people to put up their hands; shout along, and he name dropped something terrible plus kept highlighting all his trips and yachts and etc. Maybe this is a recipe being followed. I walked out of that talk 10 minutes in. It's all huge ego stuff - and these guys are making a fortune out of it. People are obviously desperate! I feel that Tony should be in prison. He lies. He says he is a Christian but cheats people out of property.

He sells false hopes. A doctor would spend prison time for doing that. He makes money off the poor. You summed it up beautifully my friend. My partner and i flew interstate and attended our firstborn tony Robbins event. However on the last day spent the day exploring the foreign city and made the most of our free time. We have taken a lot from the event in itself and William continue to explore more ways to enrich our lives away from fluff hype and high fives.

I also left a seminar after day 1 lol I won a writing contest back in and went to his firewall seminar in New Jersey. I totally agree with your assessment! I love tony robbins as well. He introduced me to some great strategies on change and the power of focus. I read some of his books and he even helped me wa t to study language more!

So for that I am forever grateful to Tony! I left after day one because Tony is a master salesman! I saw people loving him too much and sort of treTi g him like a God! Tony is not a God, he is a very powerful human being with extraordinary skill sets! I started to notice that people were more into him than his methods and everything was about money! It totally changed my outlook on seminars in general!!!! I do t want to become part of a cult following! I wanted to be inspired!

I was inspired in the first day, after that it seemed like a bunch of sheep buying his products that just happened to be relevant to every subject he was teaching!!!! Unleashed my Power Within??? I so respect you for your honesty, individually and explaination of what worked for you and what didn't I think he is very sincere in what he does but I also think he feeds off of people who have deep emotional issues that were never addressed therefore fishing for people who want those needs acknowledged and even addressed.

He knows how to pull that out of anyone which in itself is honorable but the self righteous entitlement attitude that Not that it should be free but all that need it do not get access. I feel it is the rich getting richer by preying on the weak. It is exceptable today to take what you think you deserve. There is no limit to greed. It is a choice. He also teaches others to coach so when he is no longer doing it he can profit from teaching them the same thing he has done. His fees are outrageous. I like his way of speaking but he is not a god nor is he infallible?.

He is good at what he does. Hi Sir, I am from India. I am trying to improve my self since and still I am trying. According to my expectation I have not achieve anything. These are the issues I am facing currently and I want to get out of these. Communication issue. Language issue poor English I am salary person. However I have to pay high amount of EMI every month. Relationship issue. Feeling afraid negative thought almost every time.

I have seen couple of videos as well. I have seen that you tought the people for different thinking process in difficult situation. Fair enough. Guy is a 21st century con man, he says some good things, he's also an ego maniac who has made a fortune like a tele evangelist convincing people to be good to themselves while extracting fortunes from them as well. If he truly cares about human kind he would do these seminars for free. I found it to be the best event ever! It changed my life. Thanks for your honesty. We all make different decisions based on how we were raised and by our beliefs and I think it comes down to being open minded and commiting to what you set out to do.

Is the line concave or convex. Both are right but which would you choose. I have gone twice to his UPW event. Yes i believe this is he is over priced, but no this even should not be free. And made amazing connections that aided my growth. It only my opinion that it should be a little costly ish because No one values free. Same goes for my patients.

I love helping people but all my free patients never put in work and I'm wasting my time and energy. If anyone is feeling drawn to go, I say go for it! Many doors opened for me. However, I would go in with little expectations, focus on what you want to achieve, and remain optimistic. You will be surprised what you can get out of it. A couple of things come to mind. One, UPW is more for the person who is new to transformational work. Personally I had to step completely out of judgement over and over to gain the incredible value that I did from the UPW that I attended with 15k guests.

Our 2fer promotion came with an Executive Upgrade so basically we were in the center. That felt like a reasonable price. We weren't told that upfront so it felt a little shocking and disappointing. His stand-in was amazing however. The up-selling was painful. It was hard to trust that every time we got into a vulnerable state there was an enormous push to benefit from something that would pay him more money. Products, workouts, clubs, and more courses. I think your article is a brilliant way to promote your brands and feels truly authentic.

Thank you. I appreciate your giving your opinion on the first few hours of a Tony Robbins event. Day 1 is always about getting people in the right state to be able to receive and appropriately process those things you are learning. Had you attended the entire event, I suspect your opinion would have been vastly different.

But you didn't, which means your views account for little to nothing because all of it is assumption and nothing based on fact. But you do have many people reading this so you got what you were after - your name known by more people. Hi It was interesting to read your input on the T. R event I think I can somewhat relate and understand where you come from to some extent but I have to say that yes you do kind of bash T.

Here in Sweden probably most people would think that an T. I dont think that MR Robbins would disagree with some of the things you pointed out. I think that he would see it as something positive that you follow through with what you feel is right for you. His work is a possibility for people to get uplifted and recobnected with themselves. We should never blindly follow any person or teaching. Look at Buddha,even he himself Said question my teachings learn for yourself. You do not have to justify to anyone and explain why you do as you do when it comes to your own choices of this sort.

It is important to ledsen how to trust ourselves? You are an experience richer; you realized it wasnt for you and Thats it. Nothing more nothing less. No harm done. I think valuable from this is that you have inne guidance and knowledge of your own and that it is important to acknowledge it no matter what someone else says or does. So also it is natural that you will not ve inpressed by som things. Dont think too much of yourself though. Also maybe you should appologize even to T. R if he now is your client,this is not really appropriate,if not for that reason only I would say;.

You say you do not bash him down. But you kind of do. No need to get personal and patronize people just to prove ones point. There is no right nor wrong. But now I know. There is no way that suits ALL of us, and there ARE supposed to be many different ways in life because there is such a variaty in things here in the world. That having one way of doing things wouldnt be possible in and off itself. I once myself left an event not his , that I didnt feel was my thing. I just told the teacher it didnt feel right and that it wasnt for me. It wasnt even possible to get a refound.

Still though I felt happy for my experience and the nice people I had met during that first day but most of all I was happy for my own guidance sistem that told me which way to go. People rarely chose to think for themselves these days and also there's a lot of self doubt out there I know because I do. I come from the country that in the previous era it was free and clear from bombardment of advertisers. In one word I walked out on a book written by another famous around the world author and I got no issues with not agreeing with someone on any given topic no matter how famous they are.

No one is God here so use your judgement wisely. I have a 20 year old son who is struggling with low self esteem, procrastination. I thought that going through a powerful motivational course might just "awaken" something in him and push him out of his negative state I went through a dark period after losing my mother, sister and sorta got knocked out by life.

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There is no magic formula, but there are changes you can make that help. It helped me a ton. It could help your son as well. It takes work, and time putting the work in. But if you do the work, building self-esteem is a side-effect. Great write up. Very insightful coming from someone who is a seasoned entrepreneur.

Thanks for sharing. I absolutely respect your opinion of this. I believe tony shares some of Abraham Hicks ways to keep people happy excited and uplifted during his seminar. Pray that you find absolute peace and joy and thereafter all other wants in life. God bless. I enjoyed the genuine opinions you've shared about your experience at Tony's seminar. My biggest takeaway is that you were looking for deep, insightful wisdom in the wrong place.

His books, podcasts, videos, and training materials on the website are his preferred mediums for that. The purpose of the live show is to produce a "life-changing experience. He wants you to be awe-inspired, mesmerized and uplifted. He wants you to get outside of your normal frame of reference and the limitations of your day-to-day thoughts and environment, to see past your normal routine, and to inspire you with a kick start of energy so you can blast through the walls you've put up and move into a new headspace.

The shows are a gigantic charge of electricity to kick start your heart and motivate you to begin the process of change. Getting started is the hardest part. The shows are the adrenaline rush, the sensory overload most people need in order to get started in a new direction in their lives. So basically your article is saying, "I walked out of the vegetable garden because they didn't offer the hamburger I was looking for, and you shouldn't waste your time in that garden because it has nothing of value to offer.

The fact that you misunderstood the point of the live shows isn't a shortcoming of Tony's, and it certainly doesn't mean he's a fraud or that he's ineffective or has nothing of value to offer. It just means you showed up for the wrong reasons. This was refreshing and an appreciated perspective. It was an hour long and penetrated my consciousness just enough. After reading your article I find myself wondering where speakers get their motivation and success, truly. Off the emotionally and mentally malnourished?

The rich feeding on the poor? Achieving success the way TR has overtime can get to a person. Having to keep up with a lifestyle and a reputation. We sell our soul to the devil in the mix of it all. But I digress, thank you for writing this thoughtful article, for your effort and energy, and for taking the time to relay an otherwise unpopular message.

I did not enjoy it. I think you're brave. You're doing what most of people wouldn't do. After all it's your experience. I think you came to the seminar, took in just the amount you needed, then left when you were full of the catalysts of change you were seeking. Then you planned and enjoyed an empowering day of enjoyment your way.

Amazing story. Simple You came, you saw, you left when you got what you needed, you implemented the things you learned where you could, you enjoyed a nice mini vacation. I get it. I like your take on his overall experience. I get that people can become heavily invested in all the ways possible - time, money, effort, emotion etc. But I'm confident that even TR himself would admit, in his most honest moments, that it's not going to work for everyone, in spite of their being fully committed and genuinely well intended.

It would be nice if we allowed for the devotees, the skeptics and those on the fence room enough to all have a say. Buddy respectfully if your going to give a negative opinion about someone else's work first look in the mirror. Oh wait Have you seen your hands? You criticize his clap?

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Your petty with no reason to be either. You look so weird your photo could go viral for looking like a serial killer be honest. You also clearly don't understand how transformations occur based on your ignorant criticism of an immersion experience. You should feel blessed that your opinion got even a spec of attention because it's half baked. Try again with some backbone next time. I thought that picture of you was a joke. I'm actually disappointed it wasnt Leave changing lives to those whose lives have proven it.

The hypocrisy here is incredible. I hope that nobody ever speaks to you the way you have to him, sounds like you need a lot of love and hugs. Great article, well written. I applaud you for using your inner guidance in meeting your needs. I almost bought a ticket. Thank you for being the first to share the experiences. Thank you and good luck. I'm 74 and been involved with self improvement stuff most of my life. Tony's is the best I've ever worked with. Anybody can go into a seminar and get nothing out of it, because getting something out it is a skill in itself and you haven't developed that.

However, good for you to find alternative things that do work for you. Buy the ticket. You won't regret it, even if others will. I think everyone would learn the best like I did. Be so miserable you place yourself purposely in environments hoping someone takes you out of your misery cause your to scared to do it yourself, till one day your caught with a firearm and heroin and thrown in prison for 5 years. Alone, withdrawals, and time to serve, make it through that all, and be released with no one on the other side.

And yet, you decide that your sick of feeling sorry Andrew all the reasons you feel bad about yourself, and fix it. And find a way no matter what. Internally or externally. With no one. All you need is yourself, and maybe some light guidance from people placed in your path. They will come to you. Specially living in the age of information at our fingertips. Your voice was unexpected I have endured a similar experience.

Hi Brooklyn. For family trauma, I suggest family constellation or hypnotherapy as healing modalities. Check out Dr. Gabor Mate's books and videos, Dr. Mark Wolynne and Anthony Hubl. For hypnotherapy, check out Alba Weinman and Grace Smith. Best of luck. Family Constellation is great for systems issues. For personal trauma there is also Somatic Experiencing from Peter Levine. Also Rolfing Movement helps you with the body part of the change. Much more subtle and lasting.. And yes, I agree with the article. I have studied ALL of Robbins material, all the videos, cds, books, and i have also taken his coaching course.

I did not walk out of the UPW, but I wanted to. My husband was also there. But I did go to the bathroom everytime we had to jump, clap, shoult, hug everybody I wanted more, more content, not a rock concert. I still think he is a genius, but the large mass events are not useful. I attended attended a wealth expo in nj. Tony presented on sat the first day of the workshop. He was very intense lot of Great info but the crowd was enormous people. The room was very hot.

He spoke for about 5 hrs. Amazing he stayed up there that long. There was a lot of dancing and back rubbing. It was great to see him live but felt I gained more from reading his books, watching I tube videos and listening to cds. I have 11 years of college tough to retain a lot of info especially in bad seats and hot room.

I thank u for Sharing your story it would be better to attend an event like yours with a lot less people. I have never been to his full days events but I can relate to if you can self fulfill yoirself and on track with your goals and do not need extra motivation and can find inspiration other ways , the training might be too general.

I think everyone has the right to feel the way they do about anything, TR included, even if he's the best on the planet at what he does. I am of the opinion that anybody doing what he does may sound cheesy, weird, like they're a con or whatever negative things people may think of him. Nevertheless, he has made a name for himself, so I believe people get excited just by the thought of being 'led' or trained by him; he's got charisma, he's a star, not very different from Michael Jackson, for example, with all his weirdness.

We could say Michael left a much more significant legacy, that is, his music, his art, his moonwalk, but TR isn't that different - one day people will remember the weird clap, his voice, his mannerisms and stuff and say he was "awesome", unforgettable. As for his cursing yes, that bothers me too, I see no point in that whatsoever. Apart from that, I do think he's a great personality. Now, would I have walked out on him? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe he lost momentum? He's only human, even if he himself does not remember that at times, he's human.

Of course, but who isn't? We just don't have that big an audience in front of us, hypnotized by out words. If we did, I have no doubt we would behave as narcissistically as he does. Or perhaps worse? Great article. That, I respect. Thank You for voicing your truthful opinion. There is free eBook sample up to sharing 4 if you are interested to read. I attended all of Tony's events and his leadership training 20 years ago. Still today I use and think of what I learned, and because I learned it, was able to survive and make it through "a time of incredibly unfortunate circumstances" that began 9 years ago.

I did the work, many times, the fact that his style resonated with me was my 'good fortune'. I have never regretted the time or the money, certainly not the "embedded knowledge" into who I am now. Life took some turns, I survived, and then thrived. I am happy. I hope you are too. Just out of curiosity..

I'm an ENTJ. Your article shouts of Analytical personality traits. Awesome stuff mate, power to ya. Thank you for honest feedback I experienced same thing at Noah St Johns one big long week of sale pitches. How could someone who genuinely wants to help people—all people who have struggles in life — charge thousands of dollars? If he were Retired I might let him slide! Great comments! The thing that recently turned me off was his constant cursing he does. I saw the documentary I am Not Your Guru or something like that and was turned off because of his constant use of curse words.

I am not a prude but I see no value in the constant use. Just my opinion. Tony is a great speaker and motivator, but the rest of the speakers are just slick commercials trying to get you to buy and buy now!!! I felt like I paid good money to sit in a room and have people preach to me why I should part with my money and make them rich. Buyer beware. Real Estate flips do NOT happen in 3 days. You are NOT using their money Investing in stocks, research yourself.

Do your homework! They get rich, not you. Amazing how many stupid people fall for this! Opinions are my own. I watched one of his Netflix specials Honestly I think he's a great salesman teetering on being a con man You said it best about him thinking he's more enlightened than everyone else I noticed he just spouts off the first thing that comes to his head when he's trying to solve someone's deep problem and then acts like poof problem solved and his answer is like the word of God.

I think he's a narcassist. My experience with TR was hearing his advertisement on TV. His voice was incredibly loud and super positive. Like one of those salesmen that are super over the top,big smiley teeth bleating at you like you're going to die if you dont buy their product.

The second experience was driving down to the mountain with my 4 kids and my sister who put his tape on. Having come from an environment where addiction and violence was rife and wanting to heal and grow,I listened, with no judgment. After I got back,I started feeling worse about myself.

It all seemed unachievable and over the top. Its all about eating, exercise, money,positive, positive, positive. Wham wham thank you man. No frigging breathe to take,no space to allow processing to take place and most of all,self empowerment comes from within not by someone dictating what someone else should do. A good therapists helps you to uncover you and doesn't try telling you that you need to spend thousands of dollars to come back cos you still need me. I feel that Tony himself is desperately trying to make money under the guise of fixing others and leading with his ego instead of healing himself.

He has a desperation about him. Loosing his voice will be his greatest gift where he will have to truly sit with himself and listen. Regards S. I think you are spot on He is def still that abused boy down inside trying to speak and money his way into his own approval. I truly hope he is healed I attended one of his seminars in San Francisco when he first started out over 26 years ago for free. I traded advertising space for 2 bad seats way on top. His stuff worked and I was very successful within 5 yrs.

I also received all of his tapes free and listen to them over thousand times. I know his greatness, but I learned more off his tapes and reading his books. All the knowledge is in his CD's and books. Save thousand by skipping the hype and focus on the materials available online. He copied Jim Rome's work and took it to the highest levels. He is one of the greatest influential people on earth. I have been considering going to one of the UPW seminars. I almost bought a ticket recently actually. This was very insightful. However, he's a business man, huge company, needs the sales.

He's made such an impact on my life but I have no desire to see him live.

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It's like going to a star trek or flat earth convention. We are also extremely economically driven. We believe that increasing wealth will solve all our problems. Sure, it'll pay all your bills, buy you some shit, but in the end, only the human connection can truly make us happy or fulfilled. I let go of my shit, i had money, but now i'm happily getting by on what I need. After living in several developing countries My drive for money isn't there anymore.

Think of it like this. Guys like him don't exist in the developing world. I'm not saying they live better than us. They don't, but man. They're so much happier than we'll ever be. For them relationships are important, for us chasing money and buying stupid shit is important. You have it figured out. I have it figured out. Tony doesn't have it figured out. Everything you said I'm generally very skeptical about people whose life story goes something like this: "I was uneducated and jobless and then I became a life coach, earned millions of money by helping people and I'm now rich and successful".

This usually means that they had no knowledge or skills to improve their own life in an ordinary way, so they improved it by "helping people" and it usually means: selling people what they want to hear - easy solutions, hope and promises. I've listened to several Tony's audio books and found them useful to a certain extant. I did get something from his books. On the other hand they are a little simplified and disregard human psychology in many ways. Humans are complex and complicated creatures.

There are no shortcuts in life, although we all would like them. Sometimes one insight or a new idea or perspective can help us change, but many other times most? You don't need overpriced seminars, because they are always just repeating the same. People usually attend those seminars because of the energy. The energy of many people being together united with the same goal is exciting and it makes them feel good for a few days. If they continue going to these seminars - they get addicted to the feeling of excitement and "everything is possible" attitude.

So they go on and on from one similar seminar to another, while their life stays more or less the same or gets even worse. This sometimes happens even to the life coach himself. He gets addicted to "being high all the time" and he starts to crave his own seminars, just like his participants! Human body requires calmness and balance.

If you make it overly excited all the time, it will pull you to the other direction very soon very hard. This means that your chances to experience depression rise. And once you fall down, you will need more and more energy to go up and so you end up pushing your body completely out of the balance. This can't be healthy and productive, not even in the short run, less alone in the long one. Many people are addicted to their life coaches and psychiatrists. Don't become addicted and too attached to anything. Read a book, if you find a useful idea or two - try to implement them in your life, if they work - great, if they don't - move on.

Be smart and keep your money. I recently attended UPW, I walked in after reading negative and positive comments but I came completely with an open mind. I decided to pick up and create some rituals and slowly get my mental and physical health up to where I want it to be. I decided to pay to do it for myself. I met great people, and I learned things from them as well as the speakers and Tony.

What I took from the event is that Tony is a wonderful businessman. The way their marketing strategy was amazing, and I know we all hate something being sold to us but the way he advertises his seminars is remarkable and we can learn from that. He uses the speakers and partners he has to talk about the programs and they had like 10 minute talks about the programs for business and stuff. Honestly not as bad as I read about endless advertising of his other events on other forums.

What this means is to find and help yourself. Date With Destiny focuses on building relationships a lot more in depth from my understanding. Yes, the dancing is over the top. Did I do it? I also went alone, knowing no one there. It was amazing. No one made you do that. My point is that you go to the event, leave early and take what you felt was important from the event. And apparently what was important to you is that the whole thing was not what you expected. Saying you dislike something without ever trying it is But even so, you need to think.

I say that with all the love in my heart. He has to charge thousands because he has NO choice! He needs more mansions and yachts! Give him your money! Young lady You will be successful and a leader. Your insight is beyond your years. Older enough to he your grandmother, or great-grandmother. My comments were in August.

To be fair That would be the person he started under, Jim Rohn. Tony then took that and decided to dive deep into neuroscience and psychology. There are 4 different psychological types in the crowd when you present and then there are many variables and circumstances for each one of those. He rather focus on rudimentary tactics to get MANY people rather than focus on please then minority of the crowd people like you who just want him to cut to the meat and potatoes of the information.

There is a scientific reason to the dancing. Not only that but how many times in a weekend and for how long and when to stop. Rather you just know him for his content. You have accomplished a lot which congrats to you, and you have content that you are able to direct people to through this article. Best of luck with decision making in the future!

Everyone has to understand Tony Robbins game at these seminars. Its called "immersion brainwashing". Basically you are provided with so much information presented in a rapid fire hyper-active manner that your brain becomes over-stimulated. The fact he often goes of script with mumbo jumbo unrelated information is also intentional in that it contributes to the confusion as the brain is trying to understand and catch up on previous comments. Touching other people is an NLP tactic to promote affirmation and connection all intended to generate and sustain groupthink.

I could go on and on. Bottom line I've carefully watched many videos of TR. I'm Executive Chairman of a Holding Company in which I am either an owner or partner in over 50 companies. There is no viable ROI in any of his seminars and for those that disagree asked yourself if you can verify you have received back dollar for dollar value on your total investment, let alone the miracle Tony Robbins promises. I'm glad you felt empowered to share! Boy are you getting a lot of free advertising out of mentioning Tony's name especially taking an oppositional verbal stance. Isn't that a bit like name dropping?

How your company works with him? Tony is all about emersion to learn and make rapid changes and you got out of the pool before that happened. I won't argue that what you did instead wasn't positive but what you are saying is that staying would have been a waste of your time. You from your current perspective can't know this it is an oppinion stated as a fact The only way to actually know that would have been to stay. So, your points ARE one sided arguments presented as facts. That dread was your fear. So, I imagine you run away from other situations that make you uncomfortable too.

All your above "reasons" are actually deflections. What you did on you days off was so you would not have to come back completely empty handed after saying you would do something.

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The final comment I have is, your ego is the size of Texas to tell Tony how you would attend if he made "these" changes. He doesn't need you to approve of any of his courses. Just saying. He sells snake oil. How many people actually "made it"? Why do they keep going to "speakers? Go BACK to your job, and make some money, not giving it to this dude. Oh, you were good for the local economy, too. I don't think that you gave it enough time that first day.

I also felt that it was a bit rah rah cheesy at first, but once you let it flow- it gets much better and on day three when they turn off the lights all that you wanted to fix can be fixed- by you - there I have been twice, both times with co-workers. Fantastic time- you owe it to yourself to see the 3. Great information to be had and what is wrong with little much needed exercise to boot!

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  • This is highly embarrassing to admit but I need to share something in the hopes that it helps other people. You can judge me if you want but I would encourage you not to. But I just went to a big motivational seminar this weekend and I seemed to be really enjoying myself I came back ready to tackle the world. Now some of you will be saying, duh. Day one of the seminar I woke up at 5am, got to the venue at and got in line to register so I could get a good seat.

    Which was still no where close to when the firewalk that they had been talking about all day was happening. So I stayed until midnight and then said I have to go. So I left and missed the firewalk. I could barely drive home. Seems like a healthy position to put people in. Day two was much of the same. It feels like you can do and accomplish anything.

    Which I did. So I had boundless energy and optimism. Tony also suggested that things only change when your shoulds turn to musts. That was until I woke up the next day feeling like a million bricks had hit me. I managed to get myself out of bed and make it to day three for transformation day. That should have been a clue. Transformation day is kept very vague. And the experience is intense. Which is a tell tale sign of mania. And I sign up for one. I keep hearing the mantras repeated over and over again both from them and in my head. Then they do a business portion of the seminar.

    They talk about how all these amazing people will be at the Business Mastery program and that proximity is power and tell you if you go back now to sign up then you get half off. Without hesitation I pop up from my seat and go back to sign up. Now this was a choice I made, but the conditions I was put in clouded my judgment beyond the typical realms of what is normal.

    The next 24 hours I felt crazy. Over and over. If the entertainment industry interests you, then maybe you should look at some areas that would be beneficial to you. The future of person who born on 6 December depends on the amount of effort they are ready to put in. You have a cheerful can-do attitude that people love.

    People ask for your advice and opinions. You find it humbling to be honored and trusted in this way. Socially, you are sought after to attend the A List of events and happenings around town. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!!

    In love, this December 6 birthday person generally wants to be married. Your search for a companion who is perhaps a mirror image of yourself although opposites attract. Your perfect mate is waiting for you somewhere in the midst of all those admirers. As the head of the household, you will hold up to traditional values and principles.

    This parenting Sagittarian is usually an understanding and sympathetic one. Test Now! The December 6 astrology shows that you have a positive and upbeat attitude. You may feel that the mind, body, and soul work together. The only thing you may have to worry about is your weight when you reach that age of around 40 or We tend not to be so active in these years as we have been so, the weight has a way of hanging around and most of the time, in the wrong places.

    Nowadays, some programs will teach you how to eat those foods that we love so much. A study has proven that we can still eat the foods we love, but when they are consumed at different times and with other foods, they can be beneficial in weight stability or weight loss. Find What Your Star Sign Is Name: Date of Birth: January February March April May June July August September October November December 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 As a December 6 birthday personality born today, you typically will not walk away from conflict, but rather you are the one to find a solution.

    Occasionally, you are thrown off guard and lack patience to deal with petty and childish things. This card shows that your personal beliefs and values will change your relationships. Number 6 — This number stands for a humanitarian who helps and heals people. Number 9 — This number symbolizes Karmic spiritual enlightenment, compassion, and freedom.

    Were you born to be a star? What your birth sign says about your route to fame and fortune

    Blue: This is a color that represents wisdom, understanding, faithfulness, and dedication. Pink: This color stands for kindness, softness, peace, innocence, and friendliness. Thursday — This weekday is ruled by Jupiter.