Aries Symbol: The Ram

Ruled by the headstrong and determined Ram, Aries energy can be stubborn and willful. It causes us to dig in our heels, stand our ground and refuse to be pushed around. Confident Aries energy helps us believe in ourselves and champion others. The essence of Aries energy shows up as encouraging, unstoppable, bold, devoted, heroic and caring.

The other two fire signs are Leo and Sagittarius. Many Aries people are trailblazers and trendsetters.

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Under the influence of an Aries planetary cycle, we all become more pioneering and innovative, leaping without looking or putting our bold ideas out there. Aries is ruled by warrior planet and energy activator Mars. On a positive note, Aries cycles can fill us with unstoppable life-force energy. The negative manifestation is that we can become argumentative, confrontational and aggressive.

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Zodiacs who share the fire element include:. To be ruled by Mars means to draw upon the astrological energy that Mars bestows onto the Zodiacs. Aries is ruled by the red planet Mars. As Aries is ruled by Mars, the Aries sign draws the energy and confidence to take risks and pursue their ambitions. The Sun is exalted in Aries, meaning the Sun is at its best in the Aries zodiac.

Aries as Vines

It can also represent the vitality of the body, and the brightness of the mind. Aries is a fire element with the Cardinal quadruplicity. This quality reflects the zodiac signs that are energetic, assertive, and willing to go go go.

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Cardinal signs of the zodiac are well known to be instigators and initiators when compared to other astrology signs. Cardinal signs usher in new seasons in astrology.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and ushers in Spring. The Aries sign is easy to identify. This zodiac sign holds incredible focus and dedication to whatever task is set before them. The Aries sign is a zodiac always on the lookout for adventure, and as a result, may get bored if life seems to dull down to a slower pace. Aries is incredibly innovative, entrepreneurial spirits that enjoy challenges. Recognition, self-growth, and success are all key motivating factors that drive the Aries sign forward in life.

Those who share the Aries sign are incredibly funny, blunt and honest. There is no sugar-coating when it comes to what the Aries has to say. This sign will always work had to deliver the best effort available and will look for those who can do the same. The Aries symbol of the Ram displays a strong, adventure seeking zodiac that holds many strengths.

Here are some of the top Aries traits and characteristics:. The Aries zodiac sign is always active and looking to take initiative. These natural born leaders hold incredible confidence and self-assurance, with quick wits and unmatched levels of determination. Aries love to initiate ideas and will ethereal concepts into reality through hard work and discipline. The Aries is courageous and just, those who share this astrology sign are always interested in getting their fair share and ensuring that no one gets to cheat the system. However, such ambition traits also have potential pitfalls when it comes to dealing with other people.

Aries are headstrong and stubborn, making them difficult to persuade.

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Many Aries see issues as simple as black and white, with clear positions they choose to take. This astrology sign is not very patient and hesitant to engage in deep, complex personal conversations that require slowness and gentleness of spirit. Aries sign holders are well known for their non-stop energy, but will also fall into trouble when overestimating themselves. As a result, some Aries come off as cocky and arrogant.

The Aries sign is a passionate lover, best exemplified through their fire element!

The fiery Aries lover is well known for bringing the spice to their romantic relationships. Aries is caring, encouraging, and seek to help their partners grow.

Read the Aries Love horoscope to understand what attracts the Aries to a potential relationship. Aries pride themselves in their boldness and direct communication styles. The Aries lover will have no problem communicating what they want, and how they want it. Aries love to express their sexuality and see intimacy as a key element of their relationships. To understand how Aries approaches love and sex, read the Daily Aries Sex horoscope. The Aries lover has a vivacious lust for life. As a natural adventure seeker, meeting new people and potential lovers is an exciting lure for any Aries.

These confident, emotional romantics are eager to see what new and exciting experiences new relationships can bring into their lives. Aries will always be attracted to other Cardinal signs and those who share the fire element. When looking for a compatible partner, one of the key focuses every Aries will look for in a potential mate will be the ability to keep up. Learn more about Aries and what to look out in future relationships with the love horoscope compatibility.

If you are interested in courting an Aries, remember that confidence is the name of the game.

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Find something active and exciting to do together and the Aries will be right there alongside you to enjoy the fun. Focusing on the strengths and let your confidence bring out the best in each other.