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Jupiter governs your Sagittarius side, while Saturn is more concerned with your Capricorn personality. You are under the direct influence of two powerful signs. Sagittarius, a Fire sign, fills you with the tenacity you need to see your goals through. Capricorn, an earth sign, helps you to be positive in life. The combined force of Jupiter and Saturn has an interesting effect on your life. You are a powerful inspiration to those around you.

Also, you have no trouble defining the direction your life needs to take.

The Cusp of Prophecy has given you considerable influence over your finances. Although you love money, you are keen not to use unscrupulous means to obtain it. According to the stars, you enjoy good health.

Zodiac Horoscope

However, watch out for possible infections in your bones and skins. December 22 zodiac lovers are very particular. You go for certain characteristics in a lover. You are not a believer in the notion of love at first sight. You like testing your partner of reliability before you commit your heart into the relationship. Of course, you can achieve much through courtship and dating. Courtship provides you with the platform you need to evaluate your potential partner.

You are able to understand their peculiar needs through this process. Naturally respectful, you treat your partners with much respect and reverence. This is quite admirable, and it is bound to get you respect in return.

Sagittarius (astrology)

The gentler Sagittarius tends to be reserved in matters of love. Your shyness does not allow you to flaunt your feeling for your beloved. This involves developing your romantic engagement from your more established platonic friendships. With this, you cannot go wrong. It will enable you to cement rapport with your partner. Your family will prosper under your care and guidance.

Your ideal lover is one born under the Gemini, Aries, and Leo zodiacs. You have much in common with such a partner.

Absolutely everything there is to know about Capricorns

This means that your relationship will be both healthy and focused. The stars indicate that you should have nothing to do with a Scorpio, especially where issues of trust are concerned. December 22 zodiac people are very prudent. You take a rational and logical approach to problem-solving. Also, you like having fun. As such, you are often engaged in activities that pool together like-minded individuals. But, you believe that fun is not fun if it does not involve an element of competition.

You are a hardworking individual. You are driven by the need to help your community overcome some of its challenges.

Your Astrological Chart Cusp

Being perceptive, you know exactly the cards you need to play in any given situation. Thus, you make the right decisions most of the time. People appreciate the fact that you are consistent. You do not waver in your attempts to help the less privileged in the community. All in all, you have a couple of flaws that you need to rectify.

These weaknesses do not look good on you. For example, you tend to worry over some non-issues. Also, you are often controlling and dictatorial. You can ensure good behavior without resorting to underhand means.

All in all, you are in the good books of good karma. Your kindness is a big plus to your personality.

December 22 Birthday Horoscope — Zodiac Sign Personality

One more thing is very important here — their partners should never tempt the patience and endurance of people who are born on December 22 to see if you really meet the requirements to be together. They are all about tests, and they will put their potential lovers on some many tests to see a reaction.

If the case you are caught in a response that they do not act appropriately in the eyes of these Capricorns , you should not start a quarrel, or make big trouble about it. For these people, the most critical aspect is to see how much you would support them in personal and business ambitions. So, when we are mention business ambitions, Capricorns are known for their ambition and their tendency to work vigorously to make their business dreams true. They will work hard, and they expect the results, if they do not have them, they feel bad and blame themselves, but deep inside they are prone to blame, at least partially other people.

So these Capricorns are very ambitious and determined, so they need a job that provides the opportunity for real success. If their jobs require to form them to take responsibility for almost everything, and they feel exceptional when are responsible for some task. You will never see them late or slacking, they are very hard working, and in many cases, they start working when they are very very young. In those times they usually study and work at the same time, and even if they feel like things are going sour, they will still do it, until they reach their desired goal.

Also, these people have excellent budget skills and can save because to feel secure, those who are born on December 22 must have a large amount of money. Numeral four is the number that is responsible for these people in a symbolical way, and this number signifies the four sides of the world east, west, north, south , four seasons spring, summer, autumn, winter , four elements water, fire, earth, air.

This means that these people have every characteristic that makes the world in their lives.

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Planetary influence comes from Uranus. This makes people who are born on December 22 generally quite heavy, tend to pessimism, and they are never completely satisfied. Stubborn, persistent, too serious, have the need for planning, and accuracy is the most important of them. In love, they are led by reason, and they have an important sense of security in a partner. Number 22 is also significant in the realm of numerology and carries a special symbolism that needs to be examined. It carries interesting symbolism that covers many interesting things in life, and it is the number that belongs to people with special energies and amazing opportunities in life.


You probably wonder are these historical events have something special to them, in a sense that number 22 signifies extraordinary events. Read and find out more. He was falsely accused that he was selling military secrets to the Germans.

Under the pressure of public opinion, he was rehabilitated in The couple was caught and three days later shot. There is virtually not a single person born on December 22 who did not make an amazing career and success in life. Capricorn is serious, thoughtful, ambitious, challenging to succeed in later years- many people who are born on the first day of Capricorn rule are like this. They are persistent and have a strong will; they are wise, spiritual, uncertain, but also a materialist.