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Your intuition will slowly increase over the coming months and should enable you to make excellent investments and come up with great strategies. This will be the perfect day for declaring your love or to suggest a huge leap forward for your relationship with your better half. Finally, Mars will enter yoru opposite and complementary sign, Taurus, on the 14th.

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The second half of the month promises to be sensual and torrid for couples and single people alike, who will have every chance of finding their soul mate - at least for one night. Don't trust the ambiance during the first half of the month, which will most likely exasperate you: Fortunately, when it comes to love, Venus in Capricorn promises solid and long-lasting relations.

Stay on the level of feeling and don't try to cause a stir or convince, persuade anyone. Your charm isn't in your intellect but in your instinctive sensuality. This is a time for making up between the sheets, whispered secrets, and for forming solid, deep, and steady bonds You are likely to make bigger decisions about your material resources during this period.

This cycle that began in November and that will be in influence until December is strong for attracting more money from your professional endeavors and for expanding a business. You might also more easily attract support from others, but be careful if you are suddenly in the position to receive, for example, a credit line or sizeable loan — spend wisely.

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You should certainly watch for overspending and excessiveness. Jupiter brings benefits and bounties but can also encourage overdoing and excess which can quickly get out of hand! Be on the alert for an attitude towards money that is careless. If you are accumulating personal possessions too quickly, this can lead to clutter and disorganization. Be extra careful if lending or borrowing. Otherwise, this is a good period for bringing a fresh, positive, and confident attitude towards your own self-worth and value, your earning ability, and your practical affairs, including work.

There may be a significant bonus, gain, or win for some, or simply decreased financial stress. You could feel especially on top of things and in charge of your income and valuables, as well as your talents and personal resources. Your confidence in the future is very strong during this cycle that is with you until December During this transit, your communications increase and expand.

Aquarius Dates: January 20 to February 18

Your ability and desire to express yourself are greater now, and your personal interests grow. Good fortune with vehicles, transportation, through siblings, and with the communications industry can be experienced during this cycle. You are more perceptive, and others are more receptive to your ideas. New opportunities to communicate can open up to you. This can be a busy period for learning.

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Taking on too many daily activities, communications, new interests, and learning endeavors or studies can be a problem now. There can be a real tendency to want to do it all, forgetting your limits in terms of time and energy. Taking on too many projects or becoming too entrenched in details can cause problems. However, for the most part, you are likely to enjoy more opportunities through your communications and contact with others during this cycle in You could feel especially motivated to pursue your personal interests and to connect with a partner, particularly in December.

This is a good time for sharing your ideas, writing, pursuing a cause, and joining a cause. You might find that you travel less and that you are busier locally. Your thinking is more upbeat, positive, and forward-looking, and so is the way you express yourself. In fact, this is an excellent time for improving your communication skills and your general attitude or mindset. There can be important opportunities through meetings, courses, teaching, and connections made in the neighborhood or through siblings. Some problems with siblings or neighbors could be put to rest now, although they might be magnified initially in order for problem areas to come out into the open and finally be resolved.

Some of you might return to school or take some courses. There can be increased communications with siblings, classmates, and peers in general during this period.

Sign up for a mind-expanding workshop or course together. And all Water Bearers will enjoy planning their holiday travel under these wing-spreading skies. Playing the proverbial field? You could catch an acute case of grass-is-greener syndrome and have a hard time making up your mind about who to choose! Too much of a good thing? May the best contender win! On October 8, Venus skips past Mars which will stay in Libra until November 19 and enters Scorpio and your future-focused tenth house. With the gentle yet ambitious love planet in your goal-driven sector, singles will be more interested in serious contenders or prospects who could have longevity.

Couples can deepen their bond by setting some shared goals and mapping out next steps—no pressure or guilt-tripping necessary! You or a love interest may get hit with emo mood swings or just cold feet. Best advice? Buckle up and ride it out instead of making any irreversible moves. Cast a wide search radius! This is a great cycle for returning to school or taking a workshop to boost your skills. Got an indie business idea buzzing? You can easily envision just how huge you could make it. Mental Mercury starts an extended visit to Scorpio and your laser-focused eighth house on October 3, making your mind sharp and sparking talks of pooling resources in a joint project.

When the Sun moves into Scorpio on October 23 for a month, this intensity gets even stronger.

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The October 27 Scorpio new moon could bring an opportunity to invest your money perhaps in property? Just be careful starting October Back up all your important data. Take a second look at your finances; check your bank and credit card statements carefully. Make good, soul-nourishing use of your time by reaching out to past collaborators and friends. Even a person you thought had your back might snap.

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