Gemini is the social butterfly of the Zodiac and has lots of friends. One side of a Gemini will want to go hang-gliding and run around outside, while the other is keen on sitting cozily at home and playing a board game. Their friends need to be as diverse as they are in order to keep up, or they just need to know when to let Gemini go free. If you can match their pace and temperament, you and your friend will have a blast. Take along your Gemini friend and enjoy the new perspective they give to even the most ordinary situations.

If you can match wits with this one, they will respect your intellect and work to develop this friendship. The Gemini can bond well with lots of different kinds of groups. If they get bored with one set of people, they always have a few more groups that will be more interesting, for awhile. The Gemini is both fun and funny and love to laugh, play and romp. They are possessed of a very active mind, which can lead to a short attention span. The best way to keep the Gemini around, and aroused, is through mental stimulation. Gemini also values adventure and travel, so a certain footloose and fancy free-ness will help this romance bloom.

The duality of the Gemini allows them to see both sides of an issue, so in times of stress, they are much likelier to be a lover than a fighter. A union with Gemini can be many things, but it is certainly never boring. Variety of expression and certain openness are things which will stimulate the Gemini and keep them around. Gemini children are lively and amusing in their talk. They quickly pick up ideas and are easy to teach if you can hold their attention. They have a tendency to skim the surface of knowledge and must be encouraged to study in depth.

They become easily bored with projects and should learn to finish a project before starting another.

They do not take kindly to discipline, especially when told to stop talking. Diplomacy is needed in teaching them to allow others a turn at speaking. There will be a wide variety of interests and changing moods. As the Gemini child grows, they may be uncomfortable with high emotional situations.


The highest need here revolves around diversity and mental activity. Consistency may equal boredom for the Gemini child. These children need to move about and should be provided with all sorts of little transportation toys. The programs offered. Love the honesty and integrity.

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Listening to Love From the Hyp. I love listening to Eldon Taylor.

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Customer care 10am — 6pm, India. Home Zodiac Signs Gemini About. About Gemini. Lovers of talking, Gemini individuals love to interact with others, and are found to be very sociable people. Also, being intellectually inclined, Gemini-born love to gather as much information as they possibly can, and they will also, without hesitation, share this information with their loved ones, as this gives them much fun.

Most Gemini-born are versatile, lively, quick-witted and enthusiastic people, whose company is rarely boring. Gemini-born would choose the career that keeps them busy enough, and one that offers ample opportunities to communicate. Thus, the careers, which demand new ideas, plenty of communication and fresh, new approach are ideal for Gemini. However, this very need for the new and fresh may make the Gemini-born a tad unreliable and shifty. Geminis are known to have dual personalities or double-minds, which frequently makes them wavering in their desires and choices.

Gemini are also discredited for being low on concentration and listening skills. Nonetheless, in their closest relationships, Gemini-born are seen to be loyal and faithful.

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  7. When in love, Gemini are versatile, entertaining, inquisitive and stimulating. They also take a good care of the needs of their family. At all levels in a marriage, Gemini-born stand for equality, so female Geminis may pursue their careers, even after having children. Geminis also have many friends, and they are alert and watchful to the needs of their friendships.